Amazing Kitchen Tools

~Spring is here~

~ Spring is here ~

If you love your kitchen, you are bound to love these amazing kitchen tools. I was sifting through the net the other day, when I came across some really cool kitchen gadgets that are bound to not only make your life simpler, but also take your kitchen experience to a whole new level. Whether it these awesome egg-fry moulds that add a dash of springiness to your plate, or the non – hazardous knife that keeps your cutting quicker and safer. Spring onions taking too long to cut? Well, not if your kitchen is equipped with this scissor with multiple blades. I don’t really know if any of these tools are legit, but what I do know is that with them, your life in the kitchen would be simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

~Be cut-wise~

~ Be cut-wise ~

~Nothing tastes better than evenly cut steak~

~ Evenly steaked ~

~ Banana Bonanza ~

~ Banana Bonanza ~

~Slice it easy~

~ Slice it easy ~

~Diced avocado in seconds~

~ Diced avocado in seconds ~

~Some cookies with your tea Sir?~

~Some cookies with your tea Sir?~


~ Spring upon us ~

~Cheesy fun~

~ Cheesy fun ~

~Who doesn't like Star Wars?~

~ Who doesn’t like Star Wars? ~


~ Pop goes the kernel ~

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